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Equator On-The-Go Honduran Single Origin Instant Coffee

1 servings
Equator On-The-Go Honduran Single Origin Instant Coffee

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1 serving
Equator sources the coffee for their new On-The-Go offering from Honduras San Vicente Anibal Pineda and roasts it to bring out complexity and rich, flavorful, fruity notes. Then their partner Sudden Coffee gently brews it and freeze-dries it using their novel vacuum process to preserve every iota of aromatic goodness. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or a little too busy to step out to the cafe—just add hot water for an outstandingly great cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

Packaged in single-serving, compostable tubes with recyclable caps (with a 6-month shelf life, so you have plenty of time to enjoy a perfect cup).

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From the communities of farmers who grow their coffee beans to their local cafe locations, Equator is dedicated to producing a delicious cup of coffee with positive social impact. Read more