Encina Farm

Iberico Pork Boneless Shoulder Abanico (Frozen)

0.5 lb
$45.98 / lb
Iberico Pork Boneless Shoulder Abanico (Frozen)

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Approx. 0.5-0.75 lb, arrives frozen

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About The Producer

Encina Farm
Middletown, CA
Encina Farm raises 100% pure Iberico pigs, famous in Spain for their rich flavor and tender meat. Most people are familiar with the version of pork known as jamon Iberico, the finest cured ham in the world. Until recently, the pigs were not raised outside of Spain. Encina Farm is the only producer raising Iberico pigs in California, producing fresh cuts of the pork as well as bacon, sausage, and other products.Read more