Encina Farms

Encina Farms

Middletown, CA

Encina Farms raise 100% pure Iberico pigs, famous in Spain for their rich flavor and tender meat. Most people are familiar with the version of pork known as Jamon Iberico, the finest cured ham in the world. Until recently, the pigs were not raised outside of Spain. Encina Farms is the only producer raising Iberico pigs in California, producing fresh cuts of the pork as well as bacon, sausage, and other products.

Their story is simple: share a commitment to the highest quality meat and the most environmentally friendly practices. Encina Farms is the first producer to raise Iberico pigs in California, combining authentic Spanish practices with modern and sustainable California farming methods. Their animals live outdoors and are always free-range, with plenty of room to roam and forage for acorn, mushrooms, grubs, and other natural food sources. They rotate their pigs between fields frequently, practicing regenerative agricultural methods.

The pigs are free from antibiotics or hormones and are only fed with non-GMO grain if needed as a complement to their regular diet of native grass, acorns, mushrooms, herbs, and other food they forage. The attributes of the breed as well as their diet gives Iberico pork its unique flavor and lower fat profile.

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