Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken (Frozen)

Emmer & Co. | 100% Heritage Poultry

Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken (Frozen)

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Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

It's time to taste chicken for the first time.
When you taste a heritage bird, you're truly tasting chicken for the first time; the way chicken used to taste, and can taste again. Only heritage genetics allow for slow, balanced growth. Letting muscles naturally develop, in-sync with all of facets of the bird's growth, leads to dense meat with rich boldness, and deep chicken flavors.

Because our chickens have never been genetically manipulated for fast growth and unnaturally large breasts, they are smaller than conventional chickens with leaner breasts and well developed legs. They also have a thick, flavorful skin that will brown into a savory, crispy crust when you roast your bird.

100% heritage chicken.
Emmer & Co. chickens are 100% factory-free from egg to meat - their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were all healthy, balanced chickens. Raised without hormones or antibiotics, only heritage chickens grow the right way, naturally developing strong muscular, skeletal, and immune systems. Our birds take at least 16 weeks (112 days) to grow, 3-4 times longer than the industry average, and are raised their whole lives outside on unrestricted, lush pastures.

Emmer & Co. heritage chickens are processed individually by hand, and our USDA-inspected facility uses the most humane methods possible. The birds are air-chilled, and no chlorine baths or other harmful practices are ever used.

To learn more about what makes a bird heritage visit:

How they're raised.
Because heritage birds have the genetics of their wild ancestors, they need to live their entire lives on unrestricted pasture with enough freedom to roam, play, forage and and live the active life their bodies require. They are provided with a vegetarian grain mix to supplement whatever they eat on the pasture, which includes insects, grasses, and seeds. We work with independent family famers in Northern California who uphold the strictest welfare and husbandry standards. And not only do our farming partners care about the animals, they care about the environment. We think holistically about raising animals so we rotate our pastures to ensure that the soil is healthy and the land can thrive.

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Heritage chickens naturally have 60% less fat, 50% less cholesterol, 35% less calories, more protein and less sodium than organic chicken - it's all in the genes!

After roasting your heritage chicken, we suggest simmering the carcass and neck with vegetables and herbs overnight to make a delicious, nutrient-packed stock. Heritage chicken creates a powerfully flavorful broth that simply can't be achieved with conventional birds; many of our customers say that making stock is one of their favorite parts of ordering heritage chicken. 

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Emmer & Co. | 100% Heritage Poultry
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At Emmer & Co. we’re rebuilding a bond with honest food by going back to the deeply flavorful heritage chickens that existed before the industrialization of agriculture.  Read more