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Emmer & Co. | 100% Heritage Poultry

Emmer & Co. | 100% Heritage Poultry

San Francisco

At Emmer & Co. we’re rebuilding a bond with honest food by going back to the deeply flavorful heritage chickens that existed before the industrialization of agriculture.

99.9% of chicken sold in America is a single breed, tasteless, genetically manipulated for fast growth, and grown by farmers under medieval-style contracts. We see a different way forward for our food system by starting with the right, healthy, and balanced heritage chickens.

Emmer & Co. was founded to feed our families and communities with the purest, healthiest and best tasting food possible. We partnered with incredible farmers who have maintained their flocks for generations, and who share our dedication to the best husbandry practices, environmental stewardship, and incomparably high welfare standards.

Emmer & Co. 100% heritage chickens have never been genetically manipulated for fast growth or other unnatural characteristics, and we breed our birds from the oldest genetic lines of chickens in North America. They are all certified standard bred by the American Poultry Association. By starting with the best, truly delicious, naturally growing heritage chickens, we can rebuild lost infrastructure, provide great economic opportunities for our farmers, and bring the legacy of yesterday’s farming to the modern table.

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Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken (Frozen)
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Emmer & Co. | 100% Heritage Poultry
Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken (Frozen)
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