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Organic Kiwi Berries

Earl's Organic Produce

Organic Kiwi Berries

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Organic Kiwi Berries

Notes From The Producer

These grape-sized cousins of the more common Kiwi Fruit can be a delicious, berry-like snack with a sweet and somewhat tropical flavor! They're smooth-skinned with tiny and palatable seeds.

Kiwi Berries should be eaten when their skin has had a chance to yellow and wrinkle a bit--that's when their acidity balances out and their sweetness is at its peak. They may ripen a bit unevenly and some may take 3-7 days to get to that perfect stage.

These Organic Kiwi Berries are grown in Oregon and Washington by the ecologically-conscious growers that make up the Ladybug Brand, a selective group amongst the larger set of growers, packers and marketers that distribute through the Organically Grown Company. These Kiwi Berries are brought to us by our friends and neighbors at Earl's Organic Produce.

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Earl's Organic Produce
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