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Organic Red Delicious Apples

1 lb
$3.49 / lb
Organic Red Delicious Apples

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Approx. 3-4 apples per lb
Red Delicious sometimes gets a bad rap, as it's been grown commercially and valued for its long shelf life. Instead of pumping them full of irrigation to maximize yield, Stan's mild Sebastopol clime allows him to grow this kid-friendly favorite without much if any irrigation, giving it a powerful and more complex, dry-farmed sweetness than its industrially-grown counterparts. And while we won't deny that this apple has a beautiful exterior, you won't find it waxed and perfectly sized like you would on the fruit tables of your standard grocery store.

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We're a bio-diverse farm in west Sonoma County established in 1976. We grow over 50 varieties of dry-farmed organic apples, including many heirlooms and cider varieties.Read more