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Organic & Fair Trade Untreated Kent Mango Trio (Mexico)

3 count
$2.58 / lb
Organic & Fair Trade Untreated Kent Mango Trio (Mexico)

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Approx. 0.8-1 lb per mango
The Kent Mango has sweet, juicy flesh with limited fibers. The skin of the Kent is green and yellow with red blushing and will give slightly to gentle pressure when ripe.

These Mangos were grown by growers under the Del Cabo Cooperative. They were grown in the Baja California region, which is one of the only growing regions that the USDA doesn't require a quarantine for (since a certain fruit fly that exists in most mango growing regions around the world doesn't exist in that region). So, whereas almost all mangos undergo a hot water treatment before they can enter the US (placed in 115˚F for 65-110 minutes), which can negatively affect flavor and quality, these mangos are untreated, and you can taste the difference!

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Del Cabo Cooperative
Over 1300 family farms in Mexico make up the grower-owned Del Cabo Cooperative. Farmers always receive a fair price for their crops, communities continue to flourish, and future generations are encouraged to stay on the land. With experience and support behind them every step of the way, these organic growers deliver the very best produce for consumers and the land remains a valuable resource, not destroyed by chemicals for short-term gain.Read more