Del Cabo Cooperative

Del Cabo Cooperative

The basis of organic farming in which food is grown in sync with the natural ecology is not new. Before farming became industrialized, people grew the food they ate with patience, care, and a real understanding of the plants and soil they farmed. The goal of farming wasn't just the "bottom line," but taking care of people, crops, and the earth so that the cycle could renew year after year. At Del Cabo, we continue that approach. 

Having already created Jacobs Farm, a successful organic farming operation, and with a knack for developing niche markets, longtime organic farmers Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin were confident in their vision for their next venture. In 1985, they encountered a community of struggling, subsistence-level farmers in Mexico, and the Del Cabo Cooperative was conceived. 

The idea of farm- and community-centered production supported by international market opportunities proved to be successful. Today, this collaboration between Jacobs Farm and the Baja growers provides over 1,300 farming families with needed training in organic growing, harvesting, and handling, as well as start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training, and consistent distribution channels—ensuring the best return for small-scale farms. 

Through the teaching and promoting of organic farming methods, more than 1,300 farming families of the Del Cabo grower-owned cooperative have benefited and the numbers are growing. Farmers always receive a fair price for their crops, communities continue to flourish, and future generations are encouraged to stay on the land. With experience and support behind them every step of the way, these organic growers deliver the very best produce for consumers and the land remains a valuable resource, not destroyed by chemicals for short-term gain. 

The only thing that tastes sweeter than fresh organic produce from Del Cabo is knowing that every bite supports the people and the earth that brought it to you, for generations to come.
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Organic & Fair Trade Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes (Mexico)
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