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Pasture Raised Pekin Duck (Frozen)

2.75 lb
$8.00 / lb
Pasture Raised Pekin Duck (Frozen)

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Pasture Raised Pekin Duck
Our ducks have been raised in our orchard, in batches of 50 per “duck schooner” with lots of green grass and a wading pool. Their diet is a certified GMO free grain mix that includes organic corn, peas, wheat, barley, distillers grains and the minerals and vitamins they need to grow, along with wheat sprouts and the planted forages in the orchard including wheat, rye, and peas. They are harvested at 7 1/2 weeks, and frozen immediately for optimum freshness. 

Young duck is the most decadent poultry you will ever eat. The meat is moist, tender and will flake off the bone. The skin is crispy. The fat is melt in your mouth delicious. The broth made from the bones is better than chicken broth. Don’t forget to reserve the fat in your baking dish to fry up some potatoes. We fried up some delicious baby German potatoes from our garden to eat with our roast duck, along with a spring pasta salad we made with rocket arugula, easter egg radishes, marinated in our apricot vinegar and olive oil. Try a duck today, you’ll be glad you did! (Don’t be intimidated by all those fancy recipes on the internet. I roasted ours just like a chicken.) - says Rachel, Casa Rosa Farms

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2.75-3lbs, frozen.

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Casa Rosa Farms
Capay Valley
Casa Rosa Farms is an 110 acre organic family farm based in the Capay Valley. We raise California Red Sheep for both meat and wool as well as Limousin-influenced cattle, also known as Lim-Flex. We prefer Lim-Flex beef for our grass fed program because of their long rib section, calm disposition and double muscling. We find that Limousin beef have more tenderness than Black Angus when raised on our grass. We invite you to taste the difference. Read more