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Grass-Fed Eye of Round Medallions (Frozen)

1 lb
$9.99 / lb
Grass-Fed Eye of Round Medallions (Frozen)

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1-1.25lb, 2 steaks per package, frozen
The eye of round is a long thin muscle lying within the round (back leg) of the animal. It can be separated out by a quality butcher as it is more tender than the top and bottom round. We then slice thin round steaks. In the UK, these are often called breakfast steaks. The eye of round is a good choice for people looking for a low fat, high protein cut of meat.

We raise our Limousin steers on certified organic rotational pasture and native grasslands within 2 hours of the Bay Area. We take the time to alfalfa finish all our animals. We truly believe that in order for consistency in a grass fed, grass-finished product, each producer must choose the best method for their farm and it's local ecology. We grow our own pesticide free, non-GM alfalfa on our family's fields to produce high quality beef. You will find our farm's beef to be a very lean red meat with light marbling, yet extra tender. Our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 16 days, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed. We are a certified USDA Grass Fed Producer and our farm is certified organic by CCOF.

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Casa Rosa Farms
Capay Valley
Casa Rosa Farms is an 110 acre organic family farm based in the Capay Valley. We raise California Red Sheep for both meat and wool as well as Limousin-influenced cattle, also known as Lim-Flex. We prefer Lim-Flex beef for our grass fed program because of their long rib section, calm disposition and double muscling. We find that Limousin beef have more tenderness than Black Angus when raised on our grass. We invite you to taste the difference.Read more