Casa Rosa Farms

Grass-fed Beef Sausage Sticks

2 oz
$1.99 / oz
Grass-fed Beef Sausage Sticks

Notes From The Producer

For a high energy yet healthy snack, try our smoked beef sticks. The spices are black pepper, basil, oregano and garlic.

No preservatives, by-products, soy, fillers or conditioners, just 100% grass fed ground beef from our Limousin cross cattle. 

Carefully smoked with hickory wood in a small facility on the North Coast, the beef sticks are prepared with no added nitrates (except those naturally occurring in celery powder).

Ingredients: beef, salt, sugar, spices, celery powder.

Shelf life: If kept refrigerated and unopened, sticks will last a month. If not refrigerated, then 2 weeks. (Not like you're going to be able to keep from eating them right away anyway)

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2 sticks per package

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About The Producer

Casa Rosa Farms
Capay Valley
Casa Rosa Farms is an 110 acre organic family farm based in the Capay Valley. We raise California Red Sheep for both meat and wool as well as Limousin-influenced cattle, also known as Lim-Flex. We prefer Lim-Flex beef for our grass fed program because of their long rib section, calm disposition and double muscling. We find that Limousin beef have more tenderness than Black Angus when raised on our grass. We invite you to taste the difference. Read more