Capay Organic

Organic Small Galia Melon

1 count
$1.59 / lb
Organic Small Galia Melon

Notes From The Producer

The first harvest of the season for Capay Farms is here! The Galia, also known as Sarda in southeast Asia. It is hybrid melon, a cross between the green flesh melon "Ha-Ogen" and the netted melon "Krimka". The tropical sweet flavor of this green fleshed melon  is absolutely mouth watering. The tender flesh is not as crispy as your typical honeydew.

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Approx. 2 - 3 lb per melon

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Capay Organic
Capay, CA
In 1976, our organic family farm was started with 20 acres of star thistle and a dream. Inspired by the idea of farming sustainably, our parents Kathy Barsotti and Martin Barnes started the tradition that we carry on today.Read more