Sonora Whole Grain Flour

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Sonora Whole Grain Flour

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Sonora Whole Grain Flour

Notes From The Producer

Sonora Wheat (whole grain)
All purpose flour for breads and general baking. We recommend the flour be kept in a sealed bag in the freezer if stored for more than 2 weeks, and be used within 3 months of milling date on label.

Properly known as ‘White Sonora’, Sonora is one of the oldest varieties of wheat grown in North America. Introduced to the Americas shortly a!er Columbus’ arrival, Sonora wheat has been grown for generations by farmers in the dry desert landscape of Northern Mexico and Southwest US. Able to produce respectable yields on marginal soil with no irrigation, Sonora was the mainstay of Californian wheat production from the Gold Rush era until the 1950’s, when it was overtaken by higher-yielding modern varieties. After nearly disappearing for decades, Sonora is being rediscovered by small farmers for it’s disease resistance and robustness, and by bakers for it’s rich flavor and adaptability in the kitchen.

Variously classified as a soft or hard spring wheat, Sonora produces a pale golden whole grain flour noted for it’s mellow flavor and elastic gluten, making it ideal for making flour tortillas, flatbreads and pizza. With it’s light color, Sonora flour more closely resembles unbleached white flour than other whole grain flours with darker bran and fiber. 

With 12% protein and good falling numbers (indicating ‘strong’ gluten) our 100% organic Sonora flour is ideal for slow-rise leavened breads, as well as for short crusts, cookies and pastries. Still extremely rare, White Sonora produces one of the most versatile and highly-prized heritage wheat flours. Our Sonora is grown by Sally Fox of Vreseis Farms in Capay Valley, using sustainable and strictly organic practices.

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Capay Mills
Rumsey, Capay Valley, CA
Capay Mills’ mission is to bring back the forgotten qualities and nutritional advantages of freshly milled flour, stone-ground from locally grown heirloom grain.  Read more