Capay Mills

Capay Mills

Rumsey, Capay Valley, CA

Capay Mills

Capay Mills flour is unlike any flour you’ve bought off a store shelf. But your great-grandmother would recognize it in an instant.

Richly flavored, nutritious and healthy for both you and the environment, Capay Mills 100% whole grain heritage wheat flour is milled fresh in small batches on a stone mill. Our whole grain flour preserves all the flavor and nutrition of heritage wheat and ancient grains grown sustainably (and often organically) by local family farmers. To preserve its freshness, we recommend storing Capay Mills flour in a sealed container in your fridge or freezer.

The flavors and baking characteristics of the heritage wheats we mill are as unique as varietal grapes, and similarly reflect the soils and climate where they were grown. Partnering with small farmers in the Capay Valley and beyond, our goal is to reintroduce heritage wheats in rotation with other crops as they were once grown in order to restore the biodiversity and soil health that’s been lost to industrialized grain farming.

Support the revival of a vibrant local grain economy while experiencing the forgotten pleasure of cooking with fresh varietal flour, and explore the delicious diversity that 10,000 years of grain cultivation has handed down to us. Your great-grandmother would approve.

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