Broth Baby

Umami Beef Bone Broth

24 fl oz
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Umami Beef Bone Broth

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24 fl oz jar

Broth Baby's Umami Bone Broth is slowly simmered and perfectly seasoned under the guidance of their certified holistic nutritionist. Warming and energizing, it's made with their signature blend of organic vegetables, herbs, and sustainably sourced mineral salt. The grass-fed and -finished beef bones are sustainably sourced from Marin Sun Farms. Enjoy it alone as a warming breakfast or snack, or add it to soups, stews, braises, and gratins for a healthy and delicious meal.

If Freezing: Leave 2 inches from top of jar empty, and loosen or remove lid to prevent cracking until broth is frozen. Or, transfer to freezer friendly container. Freezing a full jar can result in the glass breaking!

Ingredients: Water, grass-fed & grass-finished beef bones, onion*, carrot*, celery*, apple cider vinegar* (apple cider vinegar*, water), shallot*, sea salt, parsley*, garlic*, dried shiitake mushroom*, black peppercorn*, bay leaf* (organic*). 

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Broth Baby
Oakland, CA
Broth Baby provides delicious, therapeutic bone broth made from pasture raised chickens, local, organic vegetables and mineral rich sea salt. Our broth is simmered for 16 hours and produced using a double boil method which allows the maximum transfer of nutrients into the broth.Read more