Broth Baby

Broth Baby

Oakland, CA

Broth Baby provides delicious, therapeutic bone broth made from local, organic chickens, organic vegetables and mineral rich sea salt. Our broth is simmered for 16 hours and produced using a double boil method which allows the maximum transfer of nutrients into the broth. We jar and deliver all of our broth fresh in reusable glass jars, never plastic!

Sourcing: We buy our bones from Marin Sun Farms, a local collective of farms committed to organic and sustainable animal practices. Our vegetables are also organic and purchased from local markets when in season. Our naturally cultivated kombu seaweed is from Pacific Grove. Our sea salt is from Real Salt, mined from ancient seabeds in Utah.

Broth Baby is comprised of Cassandra Gates, certified holistic nutritionist and foodie; and Adam Fern, a food lover and entrepreneur. Together we aim to spread the healing goodness of bone broth to all!

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