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Ground Lamb (Frozen)

BN Ranch

Ground Lamb (Frozen)

1 lb
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Ground Lamb (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Ground from only boneless lamb shoulders, our lamb grind is great for burgers, meatballs or as a pizza topping. 

About Our Lamb

BN Ranch lambs are humanely raised and fed only their mother’s milk and the grass on which they naturally graze. The lambs were born and raised on the beautiful grasslands and pastures of the East Bay Hills and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. They are harvested in peak condition at just the right moment, when their age, size, and finish make light and tender meat. This premium eating quality is from animals raised according to the highest welfare and environmental standards.

They have never been fed antibiotics or given growth hormones, and we take great care at every stage of raising and harvest – leaving nothing to chance.

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Approx. 1 lb, arrives frozen.

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About The Producer

BN Ranch
Bolinas, CA
At BN Ranch, we aim to provide the best tasting, most environmentally sustainable meat in the world. Our animals are raised in harmony with the seasons, and we always follow the highest standards for humane animal treatment and land stewardship. Read more