BN Ranch

BN Ranch

Bolinas, CA
The mission of BN Ranch is to provide the best tasting, most environmentally sustainable meat in the world. Our animals are raised in harmony with the seasons, and we always follow the highest standards for humane animal treatment and land stewardship.

Delicious grass raised meats are an invaluable part of a healthy diet. Raising animals on grass creates food that is more nutrient dense and contains healthier fats. We agree with nutrition experts who advocate enjoying moderate portions of only the highest quality meats that are raised as nature intended.

An acknowledged visionary in sustainable foods, Bill Niman has an uncompromising commitment to raise livestock humanely and naturally. His team of BN Ranch professionals share these values and oversee every stage of farming, transport and slaughter to ensure respectful and careful handling of each animal. You can feel good about the origins of everything you eat from BN Ranch.

Bill Niman started farming in 1971 on 11 acres in Bolinas, California. Soon Niman-raised meats were on the menus of some of the Bay Area’s most venerated restaurants. Now, with BN Ranch, Bill Niman continues to pioneer the return of traditional, full-flavored meats to the American table, offering the best tasting turkeys and grass-fed beef available anywhere
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Ground Heritage Turkey (Frozen)
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