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Ground Heritage Turkey (Frozen)

1 lb
$10.99 / lb
Ground Heritage Turkey (Frozen)

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Approx. 1 lb, arrives frozen.
Our heritage turkey grind is made from the whole bird, achieving a delicious balance of light and dark meat for a lean grind that's packed with flavor!

About Our Heritage Turkey

BN Ranch Heritage Turkeys return the pure taste of turkey back to your table with an exceptionally rich flavor. Enjoying your first heritage bird is like tasting turkey for the first time.   

All of our Heritage Turkeys are raised from eggs from our own pastured breeding flock in Bolinas, CA, custom hatched in Linden, CA and brought to our ranch in Ballico, CA. Once they are six weeks old, they can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of the outdoors. We feed them a specially formulated Non-GMO Project Verified vegetarian feed formulated for slow, natural growth. These birds are raised to the highest humane and environmental standards, qualities which are reflected in the memorable eating quality of BN Ranch Heritage Turkey.

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BN Ranch
Bolinas, CA
At BN Ranch, we aim to provide the best tasting, most environmentally sustainable meat in the world. Our animals are raised in harmony with the seasons, and we always follow the highest standards for humane animal treatment and land stewardship.Read more