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Organic Cocktail Grapefruit

2 lb
$1.99 / lb
Organic Cocktail Grapefruit

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2-4 grapefruits per 2lbs
Their name gives a strong clue as to what one might do with the deliciously bitter-tangy-sweet juice from these plump grapefruits, but you can enjoy them for your breakfast as well!  Cocktail grapefruits, also known as "mandelos" come from a mandarin-pomelo cross and bring you the best of all worlds! They're a sub-acid fruit, so they bring the sugars and slight bitterness of your standard grapefruit, but without all the tartness!

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San Joaquin Valley
Since 1931, our family’s farm has been producing excellent fruit in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. We currently grow over 150 varieties of tree fruit, all of it certified organic, on just under 80 acres.Read more