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Organic Buddha Hand Citron

1 count
$11.10 / lb
Organic Buddha Hand Citron

Notes From The Producer

What the Buddha's Hand Citron lacks in edible flesh, it more than makes up for in intoxicating aroma, powerful zest, and other-worldly appearance. Besides making an awesome centerpiece for your dining room table, Buddha's Hand Citrons can be used to add a zesty kick to desserts, to infuse into vodka, or candied. Each fruit looks a bit different (some have fingers that are more closed, and others are wildly flailing about), but all are beautiful in their own unique ways!

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Approx. .9 -1.2 lb per Citron

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Blossom Bluff Orchards
San Joaquin Valley
Since 1931, our family’s farm has been producing excellent fruit in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. We currently grow over 150 varieties of tree fruit, all of it certified organic, on just under 80 acres.Read more