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Flavor King Pluot Trio

3 count
$4.98 / lb
Flavor King Pluot Trio

Product Details

Approx. 0.7-1 lb per trio
A dark-skinned pluot with yellow-red flesh, the Flavor King Pluot has an intensely rich flavor combined with sweet, spicy tones that are reminiscent of the Santa Rosa. A nice acid bite and firm texture that softens beautifully as the fruit continues to ripen, the Flavor King is amazing out of hand and equally good for baking.

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Blossom Bluff Orchards
San Joaquin Valley
Since 1931, Blossom Bluff has been producing excellent fruit on their family farm in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley, which is widely know to be one of the most fertile areas in the world. Over the past four generations, their farm has seen a lot of changes, but the quality of their fruit has remained consistent and outstanding.Read more