Sliced Smoked Bacon (Frozen)

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Sliced Smoked Bacon (Frozen)

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10 oz
Belcampo's Sliced Smoked Bacon is meaty, savory and totally classic. A great match for your breakfast eggs and coffee, or an elaborate weekend brunch—and don't forget BLTs! Got leftovers? Try slicing or chopping the cooked bacon into pieces, then adding into an omelette, salad or frittata the next day.

Ingredients: pork*, water, sea salt, black pepper*, coriander*, less than 2% celery powder, brown sugar*, cherry powder*, cinnamon*, star anise*, turbinado sugar*, natural flavoring (*organic).

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Mt. Shasta, CA
Since 2012, Belcampo has been dedicated to bringing the most compassionate, sustainable, and delicious meat possible to their customers.Read more