Pumpkin Puffins

10 oz
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Pumpkin Puffins

Notes From The Producer

Made with non-GMO corn and whole oat flour, this wheat-free cereal is a fan favorite for its crisp, crunchy texture and wholesome flavor. Made with real pumpkin and cinnamon, Barbara's seasonal Pumpkin Puffins are a great way to say good morning to the autumn season. They won't be around for long, so snag a box or three while you can!

2 g protein, 5 g sugar, 12% daily value of fiber per 30 g (1 cup) serving. 

Ingredients: corn, whole grain brown rice, cane sugar, whole grain pure oats, fructan (Nutraflora prebiotic dietary fiber), unsulfured molasses, oat hull fiber, calcium carbonate, pumpkin, sea salt, natural flavor, annatto (for color), cinnamon, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), iron (ferric orthophosphate), tocopherols (antioxidants to maintain freshness).

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Marlborough, MA
From delicious, whole-grain, hearty Multigrain Spoonfuls to just-indulgent-enough Peanut Butter Puffins, Barbara's makes cereals that help get your day started the right way—with energy and of course, great taste. Read more