Amawele’s South African Kitchen

South African Roti

20 oz
South African Roti

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20 oz, arrives frozen
Amawele’s version of the flat bread, their South African Roti is made up of 5 simple ingredients - flour, sugar, salt, water, and oil. Best eaten warm, you can dip the roti in curry or any saucy dish of your liking or wrap around protein and vegetables. 

Heating Instructions:
Remove from packaging, place damp paper towel or clean dish towel over Roti’s, and microwave for 20-30 seconds.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, salt, water, canola oil.
Contains: wheat.

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Amawele’s South African Kitchen
San Francisco, CA
Amawele’s specializes in authentic South African Cuisine right out of San Francisco. Being the only company in the Bay Area to produce authentic South African cuisine, all their food is allergy friendly and translates to all demographics. Read more