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Organic Dark Black Chocolate Truffle

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Organic Dark Black Chocolate Truffle

Product Details

Individually wrapped truffle
Strong, bold Ecuadorian-sourced dark chocolate hiding a delightfully soft, sweet dark milk chocolate center made with pure coconut oil.

53% Cacao

Wrappers are fully backyard compostable! An organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free, Non-GMO Verified and Carbon Neutral product. 

Ingredients: *†Cane sugar, *† cacao beas, *†coconut oil, *†cocoa butter, *whole milk powder, caramel flower, *†vanilla beans.


†Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA, total 97% Cocoa: 58% minimum

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Alter Eco
San Francisco
By working directly with the small-scale farmers who grow our products, helping them institute fair trade and organic practices and assisting them in improving both quality of food and quality of life, we’re creating a system that benefits everyone involved.Read more