White Miso

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White Miso

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White Miso

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The most common and widely produced type of miso in Japan is white miso. Our white Miso is made using organic soybeans, sea salt, and fresh organic rice koji. A low sodium content and 6 months fermentation process makes for a sweeter, mellow flavored miso. The sweet flavor of white miso is most suitable when used in soups, light sauces and condiments such as a salad dressings or marinade.

 Soy beans, Fresh rice koji, salt

White Miso Dressing recipe.
White Miso 2 tbsp
Grinded Sesame seeds 2 tbsp
Water 2 tbsp
Mirin 2 tbsp
Rice vinegar 1 tsp
sesami oil 1 tsp
granted ginger 1 tsp

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Aedan Fermented Foods
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We specialize in Japanese fermented foods full of flavor and health that are essential to traditional Japanese meals. Our cornerstone product is handcrafted, organic koji, a natural ingredient used to make miso, sake, mirin and more! Read more