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Shio Koji

8 oz
$1.37 / oz
Shio Koji

Notes From The Producer

A staple of kitchens all over Japan, Shio Koji is a "live" fermented food. Simply made with organic rice koji, salt, and water, it's rich in enzymes that break down proteins and starches to create tender textures and unbelievably savory flavors. Use it in place of salt in marinades and sauces and as Aedan likes to say, "unleash the umami!"

Ingredients: rice koij*, salt, water (*organic).

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Aedan Fermented Foods
San Francisco
We specialize in Japanese fermented foods full of flavor and health that are essential to traditional Japanese meals. Our cornerstone product is handcrafted, organic koji, a natural ingredient used to make miso, sake, mirin and more!Read more