BBQ Kettle Cooked Chicharrones

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BBQ Kettle Cooked Chicharrones

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BBQ Kettle Cooked Chicharrones

Notes From The Producer

4505's melt-in-your-mouth Kettle Cooked Chicharrones are fried in lard as opposed to the rice bran oil our Original Recipe uses. In addition to using lard, this new recipe harkens back to the traditional chicharron by using kettles for their preparation. Not only does the kettle cooking process produce a lighter & crispier texture but also minimizes waste, in part of our commitment to whole animal utilization and sustainable production. 4505 is especially proud to be able to distribute this product to a wider audience as chicharrones was the first product Ryan and Cesalee Farr created to launch 4505 Meats in 2009.

Ingredients: pork rinds, coconut palm sugar, salt, spices, tomato powder, paprika, citric acid, hickory flavor.

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