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4505 Meats

4505 Meats

San Francisco, CA
We believe that the world can change through strong community and better food choices. As a small growing business, it is our intention to keep these two concepts as the foundational pillars of our mission. We want to change the way you buy, cook, and eat meat. Not just as a special occasion, although there are many, but as a means of feeding yourself, family, and friends on a regular basis. It’s not just a small change in the way you eat, it’s a change in the way you live and invest your dollars in local business and food. Your choice to support our business in turn inspires us to support other small businesses and farms. Together we will support the movement towards a more sustainable food system, forging new paths and strong community relationships along the way.
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Savory Snacks

Kettle Cooked Chicharrones
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4505 Meats
Kettle Cooked Chicharrones
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