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Roasted Garlic Organic Tahini

16 oz
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Roasted Garlic Organic Tahini

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One 16 oz jar

Seed + Mill Organic Roasted Garlic Tahini is a premium, all-natural product made from high-quality sesame, blended with the sweetness of caramelized garlic. This versatile tahini is not only delicious but also nutritious, packed with calcium, iron, and protein. Whether you're cooking, baking, spreading, or drizzling, this tahini is the perfect base for hummus, dips, salad dressings, or drizzled over baked veggies and grain bowls. It fits perfectly into a vegan, gluten-free, or paleo lifestyle, making it a great addition to your pantry. Enjoy its rich flavor and creamy texture in a variety of savory dishes or as a delightful drizzle over toast or roasted vegetables.

Ingredients: Sesame Paste (Organic Sesame Seeds and garlic)

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About The Producer

Seed + Mill
New York, NY
Seed + Mill, founded by three friends with a deep love for food, cooking, and travel, embarked on a mission to introduce Americans to the delightful world of tahini and halva. In 2016, they established the first-ever sesame product store in the US, starting with a small kiosk in New York's bustling Chelsea Market. The store quickly became a gathering spot for both locals and tourists, connecting people over nostalgic tastes and introducing them to traditional foods rooted in rich cultural heritage.Read more