Sea to Shore Seafood Co.

Wild Alaskan Spot Prawn Tails (Frozen)

1 lb
$27.99 / lb
Wild Alaskan Spot Prawn Tails (Frozen)

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1lb, 12-15 shrimp per package
Wild Alaskan spot prawns are pot-harvested in the icy cold waters of the North Pacific from Prince William Sound to Ketchikan. Once on board each prawn is immediately washed and flash frozen to savor the unique flavor and quality of these wonderful treats of nature. These beautiful, extra-large spot prawn tails are hard to find and some of the tastiest, juiciest you'll ever find. 12-15 prawns per lb. Most contain a bonus treat of roe!

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Sea to Shore Seafood Co.
St. Petersburg, AK
Sea to Shore Seafood Company is a small scale, direct-to-consumer fishing company based out of Southeast Alaska. They fish in the bodies of water just outside of Petersburg, where this land was previously inhabited and fished by the Tlingit people, or "People of the Tides".Read more