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Wild Alaskan Scallops (Frozen)

1.25 lb
$29.82 / lb

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Wild Alaskan Scallops (Frozen)

Product Details

1.25 lb, frozen at sea

Wild Alaskan Scallops have a sweet flavor with a succulent texture that's perfect for pan-searing, sautéing, broiling, and grilling. Lean and high in protein, they're delicious with just a bit of melted butter or served in any seafood dish.

Sea to Shore Seafood Co.'s scallops are sourced from the pristine waters in the Gulf of Alaska by a small group of fishermen who make up the group, Alaska Weathervane Scallops. The fresh taste of these scallops are incomparable, due to the high-quality standards and practices upheld by each vessel. The scallops are harvested, shucked, sorted and frozen within four hours of coming onboard. This short processing time essentially “locks in” that fresh, straight out of the ocean taste. Another noteworthy handling practice is that these scallops are packed “dry,” without soaking in chemicals or waters. The small scallop fishery is closely monitored by the Alaska department of fish and game with oversight from the National Marine Fisheries Service. In addition, each vessel is accompanied by an observer who closely monitors the fishery.

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Sea to Shore Seafood Co.
Petersburg, AK
Sea to Shore Seafood Company is a small scale, direct-to-consumer fishing company based out of Southeast Alaska. They fish in the bodies of water just outside of Petersburg, where this land was previously inhabited and fished by the Tlingit people, or "People of the Tides".Read more