Saison Rum

Saison Rum

Cognac, France

With a distillation heritage spanning over 130 years, the Tessendier family, known for their mastery in traditional Cognac methods, ventures into the realm of rum with their creation, Saison Rum. Following the four key steps outlined by the Cellar Master, from the exploration of ideal terroirs to the finishing touches, this venture naturally earns its name from the French word "Saison," symbolizing the seasons.

Saison Rum is a unique blend crafted according to the traditional French method of cognac production. The Tessendier brothers meticulously select distillates from three distinct terroirs in the Caribbean Islands—Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica. The Master Blender's goal is to showcase the typicity of each terroir, striking a perfect balance while accentuating the unique characteristics of each region.

The blend seeks to marry the richness and intensity derived from molasses distillation in pot stills with the delicacy and lightness of sugarcane distillation in columns. After this meticulous selection process, the rums embark on a journey across the ocean to France, where they meet the expertise of Cognac Master Jerome Tessendier.

In France, the blending process begins, guided by the same methods employed for cognac. Jerome Tessendier harmonizes the diverse floral, fruity, and spicy aromatic profiles of the different island terroirs. The blend then rests in mature French oak barrels on the banks of the Charente River for three months, imparting a hint of roundness and smoothness to the final product.

Saison Rum, reflecting the culmination of this meticulous process, emerges as a fresh, fruity, and floral spirit. Gradually reduced to 40%, it undergoes no addition of sugar or coloring, staying true to the Tessendier commitment to authenticity and quality. Saison Rum not only pays homage to the seasons but also stands as a testament to the Tessendier family's dedication to crafting exceptional spirits that seamlessly blend tradition, expertise, and the unique terroirs of the Caribbean.

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