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Sach Foods

Turmeric Twist Paneer

6 oz
$21.30 / lb

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Turmeric Twist Paneer

Product Details

Sach Foods' Turmeric Paneer is made with delicious organic milk and real fresh turmeric to create a bright, earthy, fragrant cheese. Paneer is a firm, high-protein, fresh farmer-style cheese that doesn't melt, making a great vegetarian protein for stews, curries, and other cooked dishes. It's a traditional component of many Indian dishes, and it's also delicious enjoyed on its own or in sandwiches, Middle Eastern-style breakfast spreads, and more.

Ingredients: organic milk, organic vinegar, sea salt, fresh turmeric root. 
Contains: milk.

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About The Producer

Sach Foods
Oakland, CA
Sach Foods is on a mission to create delicious, natural, and portable vegetarian foods that are high in protein: food that’s good for you, good for the environment, and helps the local community thrive.Read more