Sach Foods

Sach Foods

Oakland, CA

Sach Foods sources their organic milk from Jersey Lane Farm, a small, sustainable dairy in Oregon whose cows are treated like members of the family. Debbie, the farm owner, likes to sing to her cows! Then Sach Foods partners with an award-winning artisanal cheesemaker to produce their paneer, a high-protein, all-natural, environmentally sustainable, completely vegetarian cheese.

In Hindi, "sach" means "honest," and the team at Sach Foods has built their brand to embody honesty. It was founded by first-generation immigrants Tarush and Jasleen, who were inspired and empowered by the culture in the Bay Area to pursue something original that would improve the world and their communities. They're on a mission to create delicious, natural, and portable vegetarian foods that are high in protein: food that’s good for you, good for the environment, and helps the local community thrive.

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Original Sea Salt Paneer
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