Rudolphe le Meunier

Crémeux des Cîteaux with Truffle

7 oz
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Crémeux des Cîteaux with Truffle

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200 grams
Crémeux des Cîteaux is an iconic French triple cream brie style with the decadent addition of black truffles. Rich and decadently creamy, with a mild and buttery aroma with just a hint of hay and fresh dandelion on the nose, then the bold addition of aromatic earthy and savory truffle. Less salty than many of the triple creams on the market, this cheese is a crowd pleaser, and asking for a party and bubbles.

Ingredients: pasteurised cows's milk, cream, french black truffle paste, salt, rennet, starters, ferments.
Contains: milk.

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About The Producer

Rudolphe le Meunier
Tours, France
Rudolphe le Meunier is a cheesemaker and affineur (cheese ager) of the utmost repute in France.Read more