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Pastured Heritage Whole Chicken (Frozen)

3 lb
$10.99 / lb

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Pastured Heritage Whole Chicken (Frozen)

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Approx. 3-3.25 lb, arrives frozen
For the true flavor seeker, Root Down Farm's Pasture Raised Heritage Chicken is where it's at. Heritage breed chickens look noticeably different from their modern counterparts, with slimmer bodies and darker, more flavorful meat. Since they spend up to 22 weeks roaming in sunny pastures, you'll need to cook these birds with care to break down all that muscle. Think low-and-slow for these leggy birds: we love them braised and stewed, techniques that yield the tenderest and most flavorful chicken you might ever enjoy. They're also great candidates for pressure cookers and Instant Pot type recipes.

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Root Down Farm
Pescadero, CA
Root Down Farm is a pasture-based poultry and pig farm whose mission is to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health, while humanely raising healthy and happy animals.Read more