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Root Down Farm

Pasture Raised Whole Duck (Frozen)

5.25 lb
$10.40 / lb

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Pasture Raised Whole Duck (Frozen)

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5.25lbs arrives frozen
Root Down Farm raises Pekin cross ducks, an incredible forager that does beautifully on Root Down's acres of pastureland. Their Pasture Raised Duck has great flavor and a nice amount of breast meat. Roast duck makes a fantastic centerpiece for any occasion, and while it might feel intimating, it really isn't much trickier than roasting a whole chicken. Take it low and slow, so the fat has plenty of time to render. You'll get a crispy, juicy bird at the end—and a bonus in the form of plenty of flavorful duck fat for all your roasting and frying projects to come.

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Root Down Farm
Pescadero, CA
Root Down Farm is a pasture-based poultry and pig farm whose mission is to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health, while humanely raising healthy and happy animals.Read more