Riverdog Farm

Organic Savoy Cabbage

1.5 lb
$1.99 / lb

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Organic Savoy Cabbage

Product Details

Approx. 1-3 heads per 1.5 lb varying on size
The best feature of Riverdog Farm's Organic Savoy Cabbage is its delicious, crunchy-yet-tender texture, which makes for an excellent cole-slaw, or a great alternative to Napa cabbage in Kim-Chi. Medium sized, beautiful heads will often come with wrapper leaves intact for stunning presentation.

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About The Producer

Riverdog Farm
Guinda, CA
Riverdog’s 250-acre organic farm is located just outside of Esparto, where rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables. Using certified organic production practices, they cultivate a variety of lush vegetables and fruits year-round.Read more