Red Boat Fish Sauce

40°N Fish Sauce

8.5 fl oz
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40°N Fish Sauce

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8.5 oz

Crafted with only two ingredients, Red Boat premium fish sauce is lauded by professional chefs and home cooks around the world. Using a traditional fermentation process, fresh cá cơm (black anchovies) from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc island archipelago are salted minutes within harvest, then aged for over a year in wooden casks to develop a pure and concentrated Vietnamese style fish sauce. With no added water, MSG, or preservatives, Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce has the highest natural protein content of any retail fish sauce. The result is a flavorful sauce packed with B vitamins and minerals ready to add an extra boost of umami to all your favorite recipes. Not just Asian recipes benefit from fish sauce—try it with caesar salad, pasta, braised and seafood dishes.

Ingredients: fresh-caught wild black anchovies, sea salt.

Contains: fish.

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Red Boat Fish Sauce
Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Authentic Vietnamese-style fish sauce made from only two ingredients.Read more