RationAle Brewing

RationAle Brewing

San Diego, CA

RationAle was created to crush society’s drinking rules. Our culture says it’s normal to drink, and ‘beer pressure’ is a real thing…we’ve all witnessed it. We believe that sometimes making the rational choice when it comes to drinking or not drinking is actually quite a radical choice. We’re here to support everyone who chooses to walk their own path.

For co-founders Jamie and Wendy, it felt like their destiny and purpose to create a brand that would not only help others, but also give them both a unique opportunity to create generational change within their own families that had been negatively impacted by alcohol. One night by the campfire, Jamie was talking to his two sons about making rational decisions and drinking, and he had a lightbulb moment. After that night, Jamie began the quest to create a non-alcoholic beer that would not only exceed expectations on taste and overall vibe, but would fuel a movement of drinking on your own terms.

RationAle’s brewery has special technology that vacuum distills and gently removes the alcohol, and yet maintains the essence of the beer and flavor of the hops that we all love in a great craft beer. You can sip (or chug!) an non-alcoholic brew without missing out on the flavor, fun and memories. Say bye to beer pressure, and crack open a RationAle!

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Citrus Hazy IPA Non-Alcoholic Brew
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