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Mild Plant-Based Queso Dip

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Mild Plant-Based Queso Dip

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Primal Kitchen Mild Plant-Based Queso Dip is a creamy and delicious dairy-free alternative to traditional queso, offering a subtle, mild flavor perfect for any occasion. Made with high-quality ingredients like cashew butter and pumpkin seed butter, this dip provides a rich texture and satisfying taste without any dairy, gluten, or soy. Ideal for dipping, spreading, or adding to your favorite recipes, Primal Kitchen Mild Plant-Based Queso Dip is vegan, paleo-friendly, and free from artificial ingredients, making it a wholesome and tasty choice.

Ingredients: Water, organic cashew butter, organic pumpkin seed butter, organic bell pepper puree, organic tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, organic distilled vinegar, sea salt, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic paprika.

Contains: Tree nuts (cashews). May contain traces of other tree nuts.

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