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The Capri Pizza

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The Capri Pizza

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10" pizza, arrives frozen

Experience the flavors of the Mediterranean with Pizzeria Delfina's The Capri Pizza. Named after the sun-soaked island, this culinary masterpiece features a delightful blend of artichokes, tomatoes, creamy stracciatella, and briny olives. Transport yourself to the Amalfi Coast as you savor the harmonious flavors meticulously crafted by Chef Craig Stoll. Picture pairing this pizza with grilled fish and an ice-cold glass of Falanghina, creating a perfect moment reminiscent of a coastal escape. Let The Capri Pizza be your ticket to a seaside journey, where each bite is a celebration of vibrant and fresh ingredients.

*This is a Good Eggs exclusive product.

Ingredients: Dough (Flour, Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Yeast), Artichokes, Mozzarella, Tomato (Olive Oil, Galic, Oregano, Salt, Pepper), Mozzarella,

Stracciatella, Olives, Spices

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