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Searock Small Pacific Oysters

10 oz
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Searock Small Pacific Oysters

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One 10 oz jar

Pacific Seafood's Searock Small Pacific Oysters are sweet, briny, and plump. They're just right for an oyster po'boy, fried oysters, chowder, or a luscious, creamy oyster stew. These delicate goodies don't need much cooking; the heat will bring out their natural sweetness. Serve with a big chunk of toasted country bread and dig in.

Ingredients: Pacific oysters, water

Contains: shellfish


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Pacific Seafood
Clackamas, Oregon
Proudly feeding the world the healthiest protein on the planet since 1941, Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from dock to dinner plate. This ensures fresh, high-quality, sustainable seafood that can be traced directly back to the source. Pacific Seafood specializes in west coast species like sustainable Pacific Rockfish, Petrale Sole, Wild Salmon, and Columbia River Steelhead. Read more