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Italian Pork Sausage

0.75 lb
$9.99 / lb
Italian Pork Sausage

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Fully cooked, 0.75 lb package contains three sausages

Our classic Italian sausage combines primo pork with a blend of garlic, fennel, and chili flake.  It's the best, capesce? Fully cooked.

INGREDIENTS: Pork shoulder, pork fatback, salt, pepper, fennel, chili flake, garlic, oregano, coriander.


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Olympia Provisions
Portland, OR
Everything that we make is handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. In order to achieve a finished product that tastes as good as it possibly can, we pay fastidious attention to the details. Ingredients are our inspiration and we seek out the best and freshest. We butcher antibiotic-free Pacific Northwest pork to 100% lean, adding pure, soft fatback, and a judicious amount of sea salt, fresh garlic and freshly ground spices. Our cured meats are held in natural casings and maintained in the organic white mold that protects them. Such a deliberate approach promises the ultimate reward: vibrant yet gentle flavor and authentic, unique character. We craft charcuterie based upon the regional flavors and traditions of Europe, infusing a bit of our own style into each one.Read more