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Young Gouda

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Young Gouda

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Oakdale's Young Gouda is a throwback to a classic dutch gouda. Soft, mild, creamy, and buttery. Perfect for snacking and for melting! Pack it in a picnic basket, add some apples, or even a hard cider, and enjoy!

Four days a week we start the 11 week process of making Gouda.  The cheesemaker's work begins the night before when he makes sure that the fresh milk we receive from a local dairy is properly transferred and chilled.  Before the sun rises the next morning, he starts the pasteurization process and adds cheese cultures to the milk.  Within a few hours, curds start to form and the whey is separated from the batch.  Shortly after, the curds are pressed into a large block and cut into 10 pound pieces which are placed in their molds, fitted with a lid and pressed into wheels.  The next day, the wheels are transferred to a brine solution to cure.  Two days later, the cheese is transferred to wooden drying racks, coated with wax, and begins the aging process where it matures to perfection.

Ingredients: Pasteurized whole milk, salt, annatto coloring, and enzymes. 

Contains dairy

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Oakdale Cheese
Oakdale, CA
We opened the doors of our first cheese plant in California in 1983. Walter and Lenneke, our founders, bought their first cheese vat, remodeled a small milk barn nestled in an almond orchard in Escalon, and began handcrafting Dutch Gouda, Quark and yogurt.Read more