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Neptune Snacks

Sea Salt & Juniper Fish Jerky

2.25 oz
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Sea Salt & Juniper Fish Jerky

Product Details

2.25 oz

Sea Salt & Juniper Fish Jerky is smoky & flavorful, made with Wild Pacific Rockfish mixed with sea salt, savory spices, and juniper berries. Packed with Omega 3-s and protein, this fish jerky is the perfect snack on the go.

Ingredients: Wild-Caught Pacific rockfish, Liquid Aminos (Vegetable Protein from NON-GMO Soybeans, purified water), Coconut Sugar, Natural Liquid Smoke (Hickory Smoke Flavor, vinegar, molasses), Juniper Berry, Garlic, Sea Salt, Honey, Citric Acid, Ginger, Black Pepper.

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About The Producer

Neptune Snacks
Seattle, WA
Neptune Snacks is an early-stage, mission-driven snack food brand that makes healthy, sustainable fish jerky. The company is passionate about improving the global seafood supply chain, in building a brand that is a conduit of change, while solving major consumer pain points in the seafood category.Read more