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Concentrated Tomato Paste

4.5 oz
$0.66 / oz
Concentrated Tomato Paste

Product Details

Mutti's Concentrated Tomato Paste is rich and intense, with a thick, squeezable texture and a brilliant color. Its concentrated flavor is a great way to add depth to recipes, whether slow-cooked braises, ragùs, and stews, or quick sautés and pan sauces. Squeeze out whatever you need, re-cap the tube, and store in the fridge—no more fiddling with half-used metal cans.

Ingredients: concentrated tomato juice, salt.

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About The Producer

Parma, Italy
Mutti selects only the highest quality tomatoes, picked at the very peak of ripeness, to create their remarkably fresh-tasting line of all-natural, non-GMO, shelf stable tomatoes with no additives or preservatives.Read more